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Inclinations - women
Inclinations - men

The preferences and desires of ladies, men and couples in terms of ladies′ leg,
foot and shoe eroticism are as varied as they are different.

Taking part in our parties should be a great pleasure for every one of the
ladies present. For this reason as far as possible we would like to offer
especially you, but also the men taking part in our events, the opportunity
of only meeting people during this period with the same, similar and / or
complimentary inclinations.

Our great wish and our aim is to ensure that the shared experience enjoyed
together within the group is pleasurable, harmonious and easy-going so that
every one of the people present has the extremely important feeling of being
able to "let themselves go". 

Therefore we would ask you to provide us with a few important details using
the following form.


Last name*
First name*
Date of birth*
Postcode, place of residence*
Clothing size
My complexion is...
very fair, pale.
fair, untanned.
very tanned, dark.


My legs are...
slender, slim.
sturdy, muscular, fleshy.

I depilate my legs...
now and then.

I love to wear...
Nylon stockings.
Nylons with seams.
Nylon stockings with suspenders.
Lace stocking.
Lace tights.
All of these when they are appropriate for the occasion.

For nylon stockings / tights I prefer the colour...


Shoe size

My feet are...
delicate, slender.   sturdy.
I like to walk...
barefoot.   not barefoot.
Foot care
My feet are always perfectly cared for.
I care for them myself.

I go for a pedicure...

I like wearing jewellery on my feet (toe rings / ankle chains).
Yes.       No.

My toenails are...
cut short.
very long.

I like to varnish my toenails.
Yes.    No.

My favourite nail varnish colour is...

I prefer shoes...
without heels.
with heels.

I love wearing...
"Peep Toes".
Strappy sandals.
Platform shoes.
Short boots.
Boots (up to knee-high).
Above the knee boots.

Ballet pumps.
Flat sandals.

Special fetish shoes:

I particularly love the material...
Patent leather.
Plexiglas / Acrylic.

My favourite colour for shoes is...

I love walking in high-heeled shoes,
and I prefer a heel height of...
up to 8 cm .
up to 12 cm.
up to 15 cm.
over 15 cm.

I like wearing seductive underwear.
Yes.    No.

Fetish eroticism / Party events

I do not wish to comment here about the following questions relating to my personal preferences and interests.

I would like to talk about these only in a personal conversation / phone call.

I will answer the questions. (Please insert a tick if the statement applies.)

I am very interested in ladies′ leg, feet and shoe eroticism.

I am very proud of my attractive well-shaped legs and my well cared for feet.

When I wear high-heeled shoes I feel very sexy.

Experience of fetish eroticism.
No, I have had no experience of fetish eroticism.
Yes, I have already had experience of fetish eroticism.
with leg, foot and shoe eroticism
with a different type of fetishism
in my partnership
in clubs (e.g. swinger clubs)

I am a self-confident but not dominant woman.

I am dominant.

I like to show off and am inclined to be an exhibitionist.

Foot massages are very relaxing, and I enjoy them...

at a beauty studio.
from my partner.

I have never had a foot massage.

At your parties I would be very pleased to allow my legs and feet to be pampered by the men.
with a pedicure
with a leg and foot massage

My feet are ticklish.
Yes.    No.

Erotic role plays

I know, or can well imagine, that many men find women′s legs and feet very erotic.

I will like having my legs and feet ...
stroked and massaged
kissed and licked
... by the men.

It does not surprise me that men find the odour / scent of women′s feet and
/ or women′s shoes which have been worn very exciting.


I have already had experience of "trampling" role play.
(The lady stands / walks over the man who is lying on the floor, either barefoot
or in high heels.)
No, but I would like to try it.

I am interested in dominant foot slave education for men
(e.g. to become a foot worshipper or a foot-licking servant).
Yes, I have experience.
Yes, but I have no / little experience.
No .

I am interested in photo shoots.

I have already modelled in front of the camera.
Yes, professionally.
Yes, as an amateur photo model.

Professional activity
No details
Fashion sector
Cosmetics / body care

Anything else I would like to tell you...


I would like to take part in a party.

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