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The eroticism of ladies’ legs, feet and high heels – a pleasure for body and soul.

Ladyfirst - a circle of friends is a circle of likeminded, cultivated and above all tolerant ladies, men and couples who are all united by the magical power of attraction and erotic fascination emanating from beautiful female legs, feet and high heels.

With this website we would like to address everyone whose preference for this so varied form of sensual and aesthetic fetish eroticism is just as pronounced as ours is.

We meet regularly in private in a small group, in rooms which have been set up stylishly and appropriately especially for this purpose, to enjoy our exciting amorous soft spot together in exclusive undisturbed surroundings and a sparkling atmosphere.

A variety of sophisticated role plays make these party meetings an exciting, pleasurable and unforgettable self-indulgent experience for everyone present.

Through this site we would like to invite other similarly inclined, distinguished lovers of this type of erotic play to contact us with a view to getting to know us more closely.

We warmly welcome sophisticated and likeable enthusiasts, both ladies and men, whose personality and philosophy on life combine a high level of tact and sensitivity with exquisite and respectful behaviour, as future active and passive fellow players.

As information for everyone who is interested, we summarise below the characteristics and behaviours of the ladies and men belonging to our circle of friends which are important and essential for us.

We like to see, hear, smell, taste, feel ...

We try to experience and enjoy with all five of our senses as many beautiful moments of leg, foot and shoe eroticism as we can with the ladies we revere so highly, as these make us happy and stay in our memories for a long time.

Everyday or consciously staged situations at parties, fetish events and photo-shoots grant us the opportunity of intensively savouring these pleasurable moments and charms, frequently and in many places.

But the truly seductive and eroticising stimulation of women’s legs and feet, presented sensually and charmingly or lasciviously and provocatively, whether they are deliciously bare, carefully pedicured or beguilingly dressed, with probably the most symbolic of all tantalizing fashion accessories for a sexily yet elegantly styled ladies’ environment – their dizzyingly high heels, boots and gossamer-like nylon stockings – is almost indescribable for us men and can scarcely be put into words.

It makes our imagination take flight, intoxicates all our senses, nourishes our wishes, wants and desires, makes us sink into frivolous and blissful dreams which send languorous shivers down our spine which feel as if they will never end.

The selected pleasurable and indulgent situations and caressing actions of the erotic and appealing worship of ladies’ legs, feet and shoes graphically described below represent the large number of exciting sensory impressions, and give very vivid and expressive insights into our world of experiences, marked by strong emotional intensity.