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Dear pleasure lovers!

Do you like the content of our website – does it make you curious to find out more? Have you got an honest and serious interest in fetish games involving eroticism around ladies’ legs, feet and high heel shoes because this is where your inclinations lie?

Would you now like to find out more about ladyfirst - a circle of friends and contact us? If so, we are delighted and would like to get to know you soon. Naturally you can email us at contact@ladyfirst.de.

But for the sake of simplicity, because it means we can save a lot of time and thus get in contact quicker, we would ask you not to do that. Instead we would ask you to use the contact form and inclinations profile which we have provided below for this purpose.

The details you provide in the inclinations profile in particular will let us know what fascinates you about this type of fetish eroticism, and will help us greatly in assessing whether you would fit in well with our circle of friends.

Discretion and trust are not just empty words for us!

Naturally we will treat all the personal and intimate information you give us as totally confidential. In no circumstances will this be passed on by us to other people who are not authorised to see them, read by them or made accessible to them in any other way.

We equally expect you to maintain total discretion in every respect.