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Inclinations - women
Inclinations - men

The preferences and desires of ladies, men and couples in terms of ladies′ leg,
foot and shoe eroticism are as varied as they are different.

Taking part in our parties should be a special experience and an individual
pleasure for every one of the men. For this reason as far as possible we
would like to offer both you and the female guests who will also be present
at our events the opportunity of only meeting people with the same, similar
and / or complimentary inclinations.

Our great wish and our aim is to ensure that the shared experience enjoyed
together within the group is pleasurable, harmonious and easy-going so that
every one of the people present has the extremely important feeling of being
able to "let themselves go". 

Therefore we would ask you to provide us with a few important details using
the following form.


Last name*
First name*
Date of birth*
Postcode, place of residence*


I love...
Foot jewellery.

I like ladies′ legs and feet...
bare and decorated with foot jewellery.
in stockings / tights.
in stockings / tights and in shoes.
bare in shoes.

Irresistible women′s legs for me are...
sturdy, muscular.
fat, fleshy.

Skin colour is greatly significant for me, I am into...
very fair, pale.
fair, untanned.
very tanned, dark.

On women′s bare feet I especially like...
Foot deformities.

I have a preference for dirty feet.

I like toenails to be...
cut short.
grown long.
very long.

My favourite nail varnish colour is...

The shape of the foot is important to me, I like...
delicate, slender feet.
large, sturdy feet.
The shape of the foot is not so important for me.

Pedicures interest me and...
I adore well cared for feet.
I have no experience of foot care.
I would like to learn pedicure techniques.
I have mastered professional pedicures.

Foot massage also interests me and...
I greatly enjoy massaging feet.
I am not experienced in foot massage.
I would like to learn the massage techniques.
I have mastered the massage movements.
I am practised in foot reflex zone massage.

With stockings / tights I have a great preference for...
Nylon stockings.
Nylons with seams.
Nylon stockings with suspenders.
Lace stocking.
Lace tights.

The colour of the nylon stockings / tights plays an important role for me.
I like the coulor(s)...


As a man I like wearing myself...
Nylon stockings.

The shoes I am into are...

"Peep Toes".
Strappy sandals.
Platform shoes.
Short boots.
Boots (up to knee-high).
Above the knee boots.
Riding boots.

Ballet pumps.
Flat sandals.

Special fetish shoes:
Other shoes not listed:

I particularly like the shoe material...
Patent leather.
Plexiglas / Acrylic.
Other material:

I like shoes...
without a heel.
with heels up to 8 cm high.
with heels up to 12 cm high.
with heels up to 15 cm high.
with heels higher than 15 cm.

As shoe decorations I like...
Clasps / buckles
Sparkly stones

My favourite colour for shoes is...
gold / silver.

Please insert a tick where the following statements apply.

As a man I also very much like wearing high heeled shoes myself.

I have some high heels.

My shoe size is            

I wear ladies′ shoes /high heels
with a heel height of up to    


Party events

I have already visited fetish parties of this kind.
Yes.    No.

At a party I would like to remain passive and just watch.

I like watching other people and letting them watch me.

I am not confident and I find it difficult to act out my erotic desires in
the presence of other people.

The presence of other participants would bother me.

The presence of other party guests does not bother me.
I have few / no inhibitions and would like to participate actively in the role plays.

My inclination / my behaviour in this is...
devoted, but not submissive.
extremely submissive.

Feet / legs

I would like to stroke and caress bare feet / legs.

I would like to kiss and lick bare feet / legs.

I would like to smell bare feet.

I am excited by the smell of female feet which...
have the smell of natural skin, freshly washed
are perfumed, scent of skin care cream
are slightly sweaty, fresh sweat
smell strongly

I would like to behave passively and love to be caressed and pampered by bare female feet.

I prefer strict foot slave education, following instructions
(e.g. as a foot worshipper / foot-licking servant).

I would like to tickle bare feet.

Stockings / tights

I would like to put the ladies′ stockings / tights on for them and take them off for them.

I love the scent of stockings / tights which have been worn.

I would like to kiss and caress feet / legs clad in stockings or tights.


I would like to put the ladies′ shoes on for them and take them off for them.

I would like to smell and sniff inside the shoes they have worn.

I would like to smell inside shoes which have been worn often.

I would like to kiss and lick ladies′ shoes.

I would like to care for ladies′ shoes and clean them.


I like it when women stand and walk on my body,
and as the case may be also to be trampled.

For this I prefer to be...

I like being trampled by ladies in high heels and with sharp heels.

I have no experience of it, but I would like to try it sometime.

I have no interest in it at all.


I have a strong preference for bondage games, I would like to tie the ladies′ legs feet and toes up.

I also like other erotic activities and role plays, e.g.:

I would like to take part in a party.

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